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        Ecod Specialties has been taking an active strategy for environmental protection,health and work safety.It highlights harmonious development among enterprise,employees and the nature which is looked on as the foundation for the company.To make the company develop sustainably,we will improve EHS management step by step,try our best to protect environment and ensure employees safe and healthy.

        Environmental Protection  

        All waste water from the company has been disposed of and drained to the waste water disposal plant of the chemical development zone. All vent gas has been absorbed before emitted. All residues and solid wastes have been disposed of by licensed third-parties who are approved by environmental protection authorities. Establish the ISO14001 system step by step.Optimize production process to reduce waste emissions in order to decrease neglect impact to the nature.


        Train employees from time to time to make them know safety data and health risks of all raw materials,semifinished products and final products. All vent gas has been absorbed before emitted.Key equipments are furnished with anti-explosion and anti-leakage facilities. Assess employees’ exposure degree to chemicals in working area periodically and take appropriate measures. Provide employees with appropriate personal protection clothing and devices. Create a nice working ambient for employees,especially in chilly winter and hot summer. Arrange physical examination for employees once every year. 

        Work Safety 

        In accordance with relevant laws and regulations,necessary fire-fighting and anti-explosion devices are furnished in all areas. Assess process risks periodically and take appropriate precautionary measures. Choose eligible logistic service providers based on materials’ physical and chemical characteristics.Package and label products reasonably in accordance with related laws and regulations. Work out an emergency response program and practice periodically.